Is Google Me set to be the Facebook Connect rival? Details are emerging via techcrunch that Google Me won’t be a new social network as such but more a wide ranging interface that will plug into all google services, making it a direct competitor to Facebook Connect.

Google Me is not a product, it’s a social layer across all products..

So, a layer that will work across all Google products that reports back to the mother-ship. If Connect reports back to Facebook, Me will report back to Google Buzz as the central hub. Furthermore,

All Google products have been refactored to be part of the activity stream, including Google Docs, etc. They build their social graph around the stream.

Now, we know that a large percentage of Comscore top 100 sites and fortune 500 companies have Facebook connect installed. But how many have Google Analytics installed? What about Google Webmaster connections ? If and it’s still an if, Google rewires everything to start writing to the new layer then suddenly it is far bigger than Facebook connect.

10,000 websites integrate with Facebook connect every day an impressive 3.65 million sites ore year. Now remind me, how many sites are indexed by Google?

This is going to be big.