BirdSong Analytics announce partnership with University of Southern California

Our BirdSong Analytics team are delighted to announce a new partnership with the University of Southern California. The social analytics platform will be supporting the Marshall School of Business and will assist the Practicum in Advertising and Executive MBA students with their research and studies. This new relationship signals a deeper integration between BirdSong Analytics and the next generation of marketing leaders and innovators.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Southern California will gain hands on access to our BirdSong Analytics platform. Students will be able to run reports, download data and gain vital insights into how brands, businesses and organisations all over the world are using social media as part of their marketing strategy.

DTT CEO Jamie Riddell, said: “We are looking forward to seeing how the students use this information to think independently and creatively about the marketing challenges they are presented with as part of their course and also the AAF National Student Advertising Competition.”

USC ranks No. 15 nationally in the inaugural Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education survey of more than 1,000 U.S. colleges and universities. USC adjunct Professor Hank Wasiak, said: “I have been very impressed with BirdSong Analytics. Whilst easy to use, it also offers the right breadth and depth of social media insights to help our students research more about how different brands and companies are stepping up the challenge of the social media age.”

BirdSong Analytics is proud to be associated with the University of Southern California and if you or your organisation is interested in knowing more about our social media analytics platform, visit: